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Our guidelines of good customer relationships are:

  • greet customers in a way that is natural, courteous and friendly
  • show customers that we understand what their needs are. Therefore, we do more listening and less talking
  • accept that some people won’t want our products. Consequently, we concentrate on building relationships with those who do
  • help people – even just letting a customer know about an event that you know they’re personally interested in is helpful
  • continue to keep customers aware of what’s in it for them to do business with us.


Do you have any question about our website services? Perhaps want to setup an appointment with us to go over our process?

Our idea of good customer service is:  we help you, we try to be bright, efficient and we will treat you in a friendly manner.

My main concern is to learn all about your business, how you acquire customers, your lifetime value of a customer. As a result, I will offer our recommendations offering the best benefit for you.

We handle all issues with respect especially confidential information. So I will show a genuine desire to help you.

 We provide exceptional service as the most important thing in our business. Therefore we strive to deliver truly exceptional customer service.

Principles of good customer service.

We will consider a privilege if you contact us for more information. It will be my pleasure to help you!

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Territory we serve with our services
As a Pinpoint Local Franchisee, our Territory includes various zip codes including Tamarac, Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale. Google Map above shows the area from Southgate Blvd (North) to Sunrise Blvd (South). and Sawgrass Expy.(West) to 441 plus some areas to the East.